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Prevent Cybercrime Inside Your Company

32% of attackers are insiders and 24% are “inadvertent actors” (e.g. people making mistakes that lead to a system breach or incorrect behavior.)


Lauterbach News 2018

Trace-based MCDC Coverage, Code Coverage Live, Tracing via PCI Express, Transition Wind River to TRACE32, RISC-V Debugger....


SYSGO & Vector: Joined forces for a future oriented software platform

An integrated software platform consisting of the AUTOSAR Adaptive basic software MICROSAR and the real-time operating system PikeOS.


Why is Lauterbach your favorite tool?

The way that Lauterbach handles tracedata is exceptional and I can't say there is any better tool to find bugs with.


Når skal statisk kodeanalyse benyttes?

Svaret på dette spørsmålet er ganske enkelt: ”når koden er under utvikling”. Dette er imidlertid en forenkling.


Ny teknikk tester også sky-baserte IoT-system

Til testingssystemet SeqZap finnes det nå et nytt verktøy for å automatisere testing av web-applikasjoner og cloud-baserte IoT-system.

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