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Flasher ATE High Speed Gang Programming Solution

SEGGER announces the availability of Flasher ATE, a brand new modular gang programmer. It uses the same Turbo-Mode and Universal Flash loaders proven


RTOS, stacks, middleware for RISC-V

SEGGER presents a new embOS port and its complete stack and middleware portfolio for the Open Source RISC-V CPU architecture.


J-Trace PRO Cortex: USB 3.0 SuperSpeed streaming trace on Cortex-A, Cortex-R and Cortex-M

SEGGER introduces J-Trace PRO Cortex, the new flagship J-Trace streaming trace probe model, capable of supporting streaming trace from Cortex-A,


embOS-Safe, the SIL 3 certified RTOS for safety-critical applications

embOS, SEGGER’s signature RTOS, is known for its small footprint, performance, reliability and intuitive API, and has been proven for more than


Prevent Cybercrime Inside Your Company

32% of attackers are insiders and 24% are “inadvertent actors” (e.g. people making mistakes that lead to a system breach or incorrect behavior.)


Lauterbach News 2018

Trace-based MCDC Coverage, Code Coverage Live, Tracing via PCI Express, Transition Wind River to TRACE32, RISC-V Debugger....

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