DS-5Arm development studio

– Arm DS-5™ is a toolchain for software developers who want to make the most of Arm application processors and SoCs.

Arm compiler qualification kit

Confidence in Arm tools, confidence in your systems.

Compilers are critically important to safety-related applications as they can potentially inject faults into the system. Functional Safety standards such as IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 require you as a developer to justify the usage of your compiler and demonstrate confidence in your toolchain.

You might need Arm DS-5 when …

  • Improved engineering efficiency is required and time to market is essential. Extensive device support and powerful debug features enables developers to quickly create high quality applications.
  • Fast and low power products are in focus. Powerful analysis tools helps developers to optimize design for maximum performance and minimum power comsumption.
  • Reduced development risk is desired. Arm tools are proven by extensive global usage.

Features – What does Arm DS-5 do?

  • Arm DS-5 is an integrated, Eclipse based, development environment that assists engineers in delivering optimized and robust software for Arm processors.

Benefits – Why would I use Arm DS-5?

  • Includes powerful industry-leading Arm C/C++ compilation tools, developed and maintained by Arm.
  • Multicore aware debugger for all development stages from bare-metal to RTOS to Linux and AndroidTM kernel user space.
  • Best-in-class system-wide performance and power analyzer for Linux and AndroidTM.
  • Large 3rd party plug-in echo system based on Eclipse IDE.
  • Arm DS-5 improves engineering efficiency i.e.g shortening time to market due to its extensive device support and powerful debug features.

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