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- Test-driven development and unit testing (Gothenburg) Next course: 19-20 December 2022
- ARM Cortex-M Architecture (Online) Next course: 22-25 November 2022
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- Test your PCB using Boundary Scan and the JTAG-port
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Ready for a DDoS attack?

How does your equipment manage cyber attacks or poor network quality?
Read more on How to manage it here

Webinar on demand

How Engineering Lifecycle Management solutions can accelerate the development of innovative and smart products while ensuring quality control and compliance with industry regulations.

Webinar on demand

We highlight unique features such as the Architecture Heatmap, Smart Build for reducing build times, and Smart Test for optimizing testing based on the architecture and impact analysis.


How Husqvarna automated its code review process to avoid a catastrophic situation with their electric products.


Python for Test Automation

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4 days

Test-Driven Development and Unit Testing

19-20 december
2 day course
Place: Gothenburg

Yocto Project - Future of Embedded Linux

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