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- Develop Safety Critical Applications (Online course) - 2.-3. June 2021
- Effective Misra C (Online course) - 14.-17. June 2021
- AI for automation (Online Course) - 17. June 2021

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Nohau Solutions Nohau Solutions

GrammaTech Introduces CodeSentry

- Software Composition Analysis (SCA) Offering
- Secures Third Party Binaries and
- Creates Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)

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Nohau Solutions Nohau Solutions


– Connectivity solutions for embedded control, energy and automotive testing.
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Webinar on demand

How Engineering Lifecycle Management solutions can accelerate the development of innovative and smart products while ensuring quality control and compliance with industry regulations.

Webinar on demand

We highlight unique features such as the Architecture Heatmap, Smart Build for reducing build times, and Smart Test for optimizing testing based on the architecture and impact analysis.


MirrorEye® eliminates blind spots and provides a greater field of view for drivers in any weather-related or operating condition, improving safety for everyone on the road.
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Effective Misra C

Online course: 14.-17. June 2021
Last day to register: 15th of May

AI for secure automation

Online course: 17. June 2021
1 day, 8.30-16.30 (CEST)
Last day to register: 1st of June

Develop Safety Critical Applications

Online course - 2.-3. June 2021
2 days
Last day to register: 7th of May

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