Can your system cope with cyber-attacks or poor networks?



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1. Introduction of Rugged Tooling
• Rude – Emulating live IP network conditions.
– The Rude tool emulates any live network challenge in the lab. It offers extreme accuracy, repeatability and a byte-level control of the traffic. You can use it to create pre-planned, time-varying scenarios.
• Ruge generates heavy IP load up to cyber attacks.
– The Ruge IP traffic generator acts as a traffic source to provide heavy traffic loads, emulated cyber-attacks, and malicious traffic for negative testing. With the Ruge, it is possible to create exactly the traffic scenario you need with full bit-level control of the traffic.
2. Example of case studies
Rugged Tooling have helped companies, such as NATO, Sandvik, Ericsson and Nokia to meet their product’s needs.
3. Live demo
4. Q/A

The technologies from Rugged Tooling make it possible to test, already in the lab, how efficient a connected device resists cyberattacks or how it behaves when the network is of poor quality. Sign up for this webinar and find out more!

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