Webinar – “JTAG is more than debugging and programming”.

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JTAG is more than debugging and programming


04 April 2023 10:00 - 10:45 CEST

Join now and hear more about the benefits of JTAG and boundary scanning from our expert Joakim Lang. 

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Webinar Description

Hardware production is costly, and faults at the early stages of prototyping even more so. The increasing complexity in chip manufacturing technology and shrinking size of the PCB components creates a need for better hardware testing tools to facilitate rapid production of hardware prototypes, keeping the costs down and the quality high.

The testing tools used at the prototyping phase – such as bed-of-nails, flying probe (FPT), optical & X-ray inspection – can be traditionally very costly, effectively limiting off the small & medium-sized companies’ access to perform own in-house hardware production.

Boundary scan / IEEE 1149.1 provides a comparatively inexpensive way of performing hardware testing at the development and production phases – effectively identifying and tackling the physical, electrical and functional faults.

This webinar is free of charge and provides an introduction for our incoming XJTAG remote hands-on workshop (May 2023), that allows for the participants to perform testing exercises on a real boundary scan application, under a guidance by our experienced instructors.

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